Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Madame Alexander Dolls – The Pussycat Doll

Among the collection of dolls that I am getting to know are Madame Alexander. I decided to write this blog to introduce you to Madame Alexander's Pussycat doll made in 1965 because she looks at me every time I walk into my office.

A little history on the Madame Alexander Doll Company. The Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander Behrman. Madame Alexander was born March 9, 1895, the daughter of Russian immigrants. She was raised over her father's doll hospital—the first in America—and often played with the dolls waiting to be mended. Her love of dolls led this dynamic woman to creating her own line of dolls. The first dolls were made of cloth, and the rest, as they say, is history. Madame Alexander infused a sense of excitement and wonderment in her fine quality, handcrafted dolls. She initiated a series of firsts in the toy industry: the first doll based on a licensed character (Scarlett from Gone With the Wind), which led to the creation of dolls based on characters from popular motion pictures; the first to bring feature baby dolls to market; the first to create dolls in honor of living people (Queen Elizabeth, the Dionne Quints). Madame Alexander was also the first to introduce the first full figured fashion doll (Cissy) with haute couture outfits.

The Alexander Doll Company was acquired in 1995 by the Kaizen Breakthrough Partnership LP. The tradition and elegance of Madame Alexander dolls continues today with a full line of collectible dolls, baby dolls and play dolls. Madame Alexander Dolls have become one of the most cherished and well-known collectible dolls that have been passed down and enjoyed from generation to generation.

The Madame Alexander Pussycat Doll. Since 1965, Madame Alexander has produced Pussycat vinyl baby dolls with huggable, soft bodies that can be nestled perfectly in a child's arms. In doing research on Madame Alexander's Pussycat doll, I find that they were produced in many different years, starting in 1965. They were made in different sizes (I saw one that was 3" in height!) and colors, with different looks, and wearing different clothes.

The Pussycat Doll who keeps me company in my office is marked “Alexander 19©65".

Her characteristics:

· Vinyl head, arms & legs with a cloth body
· Strawberry blond rooted hair wearing a white bow
· Blue glass sleep eyes
· Approximately 21” long weighing approximately 3 lbs
· Cries when you tilt her forward
· Original clothes of a blue checked gingham dress and bloomers & knit socks.

This Madame Alexander Pussycat doll is pictured on the Dolls and Bears page of Thank you for letting me introduce you to her. I'm sure she is thrilled to meet you.