Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So-o-o Big Thumbelina Doll – Ideal Dolls – Doll Collecting

The daylight hours are becoming shorter and the nights are becoming cooler, a reminder that the summer season is nearing its end. As I reflect upon the season gone by, I think of visiting new and interesting places, meeting new people, and spending time with family and friends.
With a new season quickly approaching, it is time to share another experience with doll collecting via this blog.
As I continue my doll collecting adventure, both from a collecting standing and a selling standpoint (, I am frequently approached by fellow doll owners or their family members to help identify a doll or determine the value of a doll they wish to sell. Recently, I was asked to take a look at some dolls that were given to our local women’s club, for the benefit of children.

One of the dolls, although a bit dirty and unkempt when we received her, was quite easy to fall in love with. It was also a fairly simple task to identify her, and therefore, find information about her. So, this blog introduces you to the So-o-o Big Thumbelina doll produced by the Ideal Toy Corp in 1983.

The So-o-o Big Thumbelina doll produced by the Ideal Toy Corp in 1983 was made in both a black and white version. The doll has a vinyl head, arms, and legs with a soft cloth body. She is 24” in length. She has rosy cheeks, beautiful brown glassine sleep eyes, and rooted hair. She was made with a mama voice box. She has straight black hair.

©1982/IDEAL TOY CORP/H380 (on head), cloth tag on side with stuffing marked “1983 CBS Toys”

The Ideal Toy Corporation Thumbelina Dolls:

Many of the most produced dolls are inspired by famous people and fairy tale characters. One such fairy tale character is Thumbelina. The Ideal Toy Corp created a variety of Thumbelina dolls. Although I don’t know all of them that were produced, I found 20 different Thumbelina dolls that were produced by Ideal Toy Corp from the years beginning 1961 through 1985. Several were made in both a black and white version of the doll.

Who is Thumbelina?

When I hear the name Thumbelina, I think of the tiny girl in the 1835 fairy tale by the Danish poet and author, Hans Christian Andersen. Some may also think about the Disney version of the movie “Thumbelina”. For more information about Hans Christian Andersen or Thumbelina, click on the links below.

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