Sunday, February 7, 2010

Doll Collecting – Beton Reproduction Desdemona

Along with the doll collection that belonged to my beloved aunt, was a nice little booklet that contained details of each doll that she received or purchased. Among the details include the date, name of the place the doll was obtained, name of the doll, price, and a brief description of the doll. The information for one of my favorite dolls that I display in my home is contained on the third page of the booklet and is the 45th item listed. The year is 1985. The doll is named "Desdemona". She is described in the booklet as a porcelain doll wearing a pink hat. In 1985, my aunt purchased this doll for $175 at The Candle Corner Gift Shoppe in West Milton, Pennsylvania.

The tag that still hangs on the doll says "Desdemona, Beton Repro, cloth body, glass eyes". So what is Beton? That is the question. The markings on the back of the head appear to be S 116, although the 6 is questionable.

The markings on the doll's back are clearly BOK 84. Desdemona stands 19" tall.

I must confess that my research on this doll brought me up empty. I found Beton/Bergen plastic toys. And I found Belton Type dolls. According to the Doll Value books I've read, there are no dolls marked "Belton" found, only mold numbers, of which 116 is included. Do I have a Belton reproduction? Hmmm – information about the Belton Type dolls doesn't quite fit, so further details about the reproduction doll that I have will remain a mystery.

There are many reasons why doll collectors display their prized dolls. This doll will remain on display in my home, not because of her value, but simply because I like her.

See you next time!

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